Case Studies

Increasing Living Area Affordably and with Style!

Alana and Lance have three young children and have a relatively new build in Lincoln complete with a nice big yard.  With three children and two adults living in the same space, the outside area is essential, but the weather prohibits outdoor living much of the time.  They have a beautiful expansive deck just off the house and needed a solution to incorporate shelter from sun in the summer and the wind most of the time. 

They also wanted to protect their outdoor furniture from the elements and not have to cover them or remove the cushions when it rains.  They love to use their outdoor grill, but found that they opted to cook inside most of the time as the weather would prohibit them from enjoying the space outdoors.

Craig came up with a Louvre Solution that would include an eight meter by three meter louvre roof that would attach to the fascia along three sides of the house expanding their living space by about twenty five square metres!  Now, they can leave the doors open in both the living room as well as one of the bedrooms in the Spring and Summer.

They have been able to enjoy many family dinners outside now for more than 6 months a year. They had initially wanted to add a side screen on the “4th wall” but came to realize that it was no longer needed once they experienced the shelter of the louvre roof.  The wind was no longer an issue with the roof expending out from the fascia on three sides.  They also love being able to get all the light back into the living room during the winter by opening the louvres to allow the sunlight to stream in.

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