Gates, Screens & Louvre Panels

Louvre Solutions provides automated options for gates, screens and louvre panels. Where levels of privacy and security can be personalised to meet the need at a specific time.

Louvre Solutions Gates

Automated gates are now commonplace in the modern world and provide peace of mind for security purpose and ease of opening with the push of a button.

Louvre Solutions can design and make automated louvre gates that are fit for purpose regardless is it is for a residential, commercial or industrial property. Each entrance is unique to the needs of the property owner and site constraints, Lourve Solutions understands that one solution does not fit all.


Louvre screens can be remotely adjustable to moderate the breeze and light, providing a privacy screen or fence. Louvre screens can be configured either vertically or horizontally, depending on preference and situation. They are the perfect addition to an outdoor room, deck of gazebo allowing you to control the light and breeze, creating a sheltered space while still retaining views.


Louvre panels have a range of uses from creating pedestrians and drive way gates, fencing and fencing toppers, pool pump surrounds and exterior storage options. Creating a modern streamline look whilst using a very traditional building concept.

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