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Louvre Roofs

Louvre Solutions Ltd roof louvres provide a range of great roof screens for outdoor spaces. Offering your family all-year-round enjoyment of alfresco living. Using remote control system, to provide sun protection, shelter and privacy at their fingertips.

The scientifically designed and engineered blades are pleasing to the eye with their flat Blade System while being functional to protect from the weather.
As an example, The louvre blades angles can quickly be adjusted to let through the level of sunlight you want onto your patio, creating countless entertaining opportunities regardless of the weather conditions.

With New Zealand harsh summer and high UV, the louvres can be angled for shade, allowing you to enjoy more outdoor living but also protecting your house furnishings that can be damaged or discoloured from access sun exposure.
The louvres can be opened or partially opened to ventilate an area, keeping it cool, allowing the hot air to escape through the louvre, reducing the need for air conditioning in summer, which is fantastic in BBQ season.

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Adding lighting to create an ambience that will transform how you use your covered area.

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Gates, Screens & Panels

Security and privacy are very much on people’s minds, as we seek to protect what is ours and privacy within our own space from prying eyes.
Louvre Solutions provides automated options for gates, screens and louvre panels. Where levels of privacy and security can be personalised to meet the need at a specific time.

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Screens & Panels

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