Louvre Roofs

Louvre Roofs are more affordable and accessible to everyone

Used Since The Middle Ages

Fixed Louvre blades have been used on building since the middle age especially Church’s for control of light and ventilation. The concept is nothing new but the advancement in the products used and their applications is.

The blades used today are made of 100 % recyclable material and coloured finished to add value to the home or commercial premise

Louvre Roofs


The motorised remote control method is now the most popular form of changing the louvre roofing solutions as it gives people the flexibility to adjust the louvre at their fingertips and better control over the tilt of the angle

Rain Sensors

An intelligent rain sensor standard to Louvre Solutions.  So at the first drop of rain your louvre roof will automatically close.   Keep your outdoor furniture and the kids’ toys dry; even if you are not there to close to yourself.

Video examples of Motorised Louvre Roofs in action

Up spec your automated louvre opening roof


Integrated Side Curtains

We can offer slide curtains for additional shade or wind protection, either in tradition pull down method or motorised the choose is your

Integrated Lighting Options

If you wish to have lighting ambience in the extra outdoor living space, Louvre Solutions can creating understated lighting options tailored to your requirement s

High Tech Louvre Systems

From initial meeting to full design concept and installation is around 8 weeks

Louvre Solutions manufacture and install opening louvre roofs from their factory in Rangiora North Canterbury
We can personalise your outdoor living and experience to cater for those who seek a private intimate area or those people who enjoy entertaining with the extended family and friends
Louvre Solutions has the standard basic model which suits people with smaller spaces to the complex louvre options that create more than an additional room but a personalised remote controlled outdoor entertaining area.

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